Wisdom Jobs – wisdom big cheater fraud company

Reported By: AMIT

Contact information:
Wisdom Jobs

Wisdom do fraud with the people. If you have little bit self respect and respect for your parents and if your parents have taught you to show humanism then refund my amount at the earliest. Refund the amount at the earliest.

Wisdom Jobs associate Suresh has called me and given me assurance of job placement by taking a nominal fee of Rs. 4800/-. But after taking the payment that fellow told me to deposit Rs. 31000/- more which he didn’t disclosed earlier before making the payment of Rs. 4800/- Really these people have the mentality to do fraud with the people. Wisdom job people don’t have guts to earn their income and they are always ready to loot the people. Really shame on you for doing fraud with the people and lying and cheating with the people. So you proved yourself greedy hungry fellow by blocking my number. Really shame on you under-estimate fellow low category fellow. Shame on you.

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