WM – Releasemyad.com – Cheat and Fraud- release my ad

Yes , they are cheat company. I booked my ad and after that they told me that there was technical glitch and I need to pay more so I paid the amount and afrer that they again asked for more money. They said that I need to publish my address and I need to pay for that as well. They are just cheat company.

Second story that I placed my ad and reliased that I entered wrong email ID and immediately after that I mailed within 2 mins that kindly stop this ad and take correct email ID but they said that no Ad has been sent for publishing . They said we never received any email while I nsent email on 2 different address. They are complete CHEAT AND FRAUD. I will suggest EVERY ONE TO NEVER EVER PLACE YOUR AD ON RELEASEMYAD. They will just eat yout money.

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