WOOE.In – They did a fraud by neither refunding, nor providing test series, forget about cashback they lure people with

Reported By: Pawandeep Sangwan

Contact information:
WOOE.In Not known as details not provided on their website

Hi, I received a msg for 60 test series for Civil services pre & mains @699/- INR. They also advertised 01 yr Netflix subscription and 100% cashback into wallet/bank account. After making payment there was no test series available on dashboard. There is no customer care number on website. Payment has gone to some some Mr Abhishek Narwariya. Payment ID 246332068. I have paid through my phone pay number 9833203575. Please help. If it’s fraud then please catch hold of person. He is using https site with links to payment gateway, UPI etc. He can be easily babes if authorities decide.

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    1. I had put it on this forum since there was no update from wooe.in on their website. There was no confirmation email on my email address. However now I have received test series, though it is not downloadable and has to be accessed realtime on website. I have received the Netflix subscription. For cashback they have put a clause that minimum balance should be 1000/-. Therefore either I myself make more purchase or make people buy it or register on their portal for earning cashback.

    2. same issue i am facing after payment for 699 test package for ias, i didn’t even get any subscription msg from wooe except receipt of successful payment from pay u money. i already made complaint through e mail but no response. even no any customer care number is provided to communicate, so i think it is fraud case for ehich payment receipt is showing person name (abhishek narwaria ) on receipt instead of test provider authority. so pls communicate if you are genuine authority as it concerns so many students like me to get cheated by these silly tricks

  1. Dear Subhash RAJ

    Your test series already started with Netflix subscription Please check your registered mail
    Any more query and doubts you can directly mail to admin@wooe.in

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