– Complaint Of Cheating /online fraud

Dear sir,

Myself Imran G.Shaikh,residing at,Bharuch-392001,Gujarat-INDIA. I am doing online/offline data entry work at home From different companies and earn for livings. Recently I contacted one co.which is this income on clicking IOF link from Monday to Saturday. First we have to register from $50 to $500 and our income transfer to our bank acct. via NEFT by company.

So, I contacted Mr.Nirmal Singh(mob-08871138440) who is national promoter and leader for this co. I asked him to join co.and want to invest Rs.3,00,000 (three lac rupees) but I need Payment security.then he replied me that co. is ready to give you post dated cheque as a security. Then I invest in this co. and transfer the amount in co. franchisee below ac.

Name- Gold Goat Farming Business

Bank- Central bank of India 3164352284

Branch- Kosmi-Balaghat

Amount- 3,00,000

Date- 26/7/2013

But after some days I got scan copy of cheque on my mail,but when I take a look at cheque ,the cheque was so overwritten and sign was also Overwrite,and it was at any cost not genuine.i tried hard to clearify this matter but unfortunately no result at all.then co. has given some amount Of my investment.and now there is no one who can reply to my e mails and no one to attend my calls.this co. has done fraud giving me Fraud Cheque and ran away with my hard earned money.

Now I am going to give you some name who is prime accuse, the culprit is doing this fraud by having more than one identity. He is doing fraud with different names.

1. Ajay Singh from Maharashtra

Mob-084359 07965

084210 80549

073870 67787

2. 2. Riyaz Khan( mob.073500 34908)

State Bank Of India AC. No- 31626449671

3..Prashant from Maharashtra mob-009509408333 9509408333

4.Nirmal singh- from indore mob 08871138440(NATIONAL PROMOTER 8871138440 from Indore

From reliable sources it is news that the main accuse may be somewhere in Nagpur(Maharashtra) or in Dehradun. This co. as stated in site Forex Brokers Advisors is a global forex and treasury consulting company founded by Mr. Abhishek Goenka As a citizen of india,I strongly believe in Indian constitution and law and order situation. It is my right to get justice against Any misleading,cheating or fraud. I request you sir, please do the needful in this regard and take prompt action against all accuses and responsible person As only I am not victim,but there are so many innocent people who have been cheated by this fraud people.Please please do needful before they ran away with lots of peoples hard earned money Incase more information you can call me on 098982 67695 and Mr. Nirmal Singh on 08871138440(NATIONAL PROMOTER)
awaiting prompt response
thanks and regards

098982 67695

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