www.gadgetshieldz.in – Offensive & Rude customer service

Hi all,

Please don’t buy from gadgetshieldz.in website as i have had a very bad experience with them.

I had emailed them about my order after not receiving any confirmation emails with tracking id. All phone calls to their support number went unanswered.

And when i threatened legal action this is the reply that they sent me:

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 1:17 PM, Gadgetshieldz India Support wrote:
Hi Junaid,

We are not amused by your impatience. We had received your order around 5:00 PM on 16th which is way beyond our courier cut off time. We have clearly mentioned in the order processing emails that it should take around 1-2 working days FROM the date of order placement. Your order was shipped yesterday and updated today with the tracking numbers as it usually happens with all the order. We are raising a request with the shipping partner not to deliver this package and we are trying to cancel your order. In case it gets delivered, you can refuse the package and it would get returned to us. You will have your refund processed as soon as we receive the package back.

Please refrain from ordering in the future from our website. We would rather loose a customer than have a grumpy and impatient one.

Best Regds
Gadgetshieldz Support
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This is the most offensive and rude mail i have ever seen from a customer support.

I need know how Mr Mukesh Jain the founder of this business responds to this.

So, i wish everyone knows the kind of customer support they are going to get..so decide for yourself

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