Www.streetty.com – Trapping online cloths buyers ! *STREETTY*

Reported By: Priyanka

Contact information:
www.streetty.com Gurajarat

I have ordered two Combo kurtis online worth Rs. 1590/- in their website.
The amount was paid online as well.
I have received the products which are totally different what they mentioned online the size was also mismatch. I have requested for return to them through a mail.

PLEASE don’t buy any items on this website, else you WILL BE TRAPPED! Girls please be careful.

1 thought on “Www.streetty.com – Trapping online cloths buyers ! *STREETTY*”

  1. Hi girls never ever buy the products from this unreliable website streetty.com.it is one if the worst cheapest website where they are selling the stuff by giving wrong description of the product and giving bullshit false promise of returning the products or exchanging without ever acknowledging the calls we make.whenever u make calls there will be one girl who picks up the call and hangs up the phone.she can never understand the language nor speak properly.

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