www.superbdealz.com – wrong item delivered and not reponding for returning the good

I have ordered a suit online from a website called white www.superbdealz.com, received the suit but not in a actual size, i have ordered for 36 size and they have sent me a 32 size, now they are not replacing the suit, request you to help me in this and get my money back or the different size,

order no – 100001348
order date – 1st december 2015,
order received on 15th December.

company address and email

98 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G2 8AR
[email protected]

request you to help me

Ankesh Jain
Ph no 9945900123
email – [email protected]

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  1. superbdealz legal

    Dear Mr Jain, I think our customer care team has already contacted you and working on a solution. we hope to resolve the issue soon. In case of garments the sizing issue comes up some time because we deal in all original brands which do not generally manufacture by Indian Sizes. Hope you would understand and remove this complaint soon.