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Reported By: Rohan Gupta

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So here it is I complained about the product vaporizer KW 98 a smartwatch that it was not as the same product I’m the social media platform. So these people call me and ask me to take down the post. y? Coz it affects their marketing. Shit. These shitty marketing for fake products. However, they promised me that they will give me a compensation by providing me a mi 2 band which will be delivered in 2 days. In order to avail it I have to remove the post. Ok I did it. See now. It’s been 1 week they have not given me anything as promised not they are picking up the call. I have attached voice recording which prove the fake and fraudulent business they are running. In matter of fact these people will be dominating to take down such post but will also provide fake promises. PFA the images that prove they have given fake product as well as fake promises. They told me to write positive comments so that they will provide me a compensation. it’s time to take your fraudulent activity down.

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  • Jatin says:

    I have ordered a watch from your site with order I’d:
    9e0d46cf-4523-4f74-a72a-c3714b991152 and the tracking I’d: Tracking ID: 59520737113(bludart courier) and got a cheap Chinese watch which is really useless and nowhere near to what ever you advertised in the site and in the confirmation mail. I need the product to be replaced immediately without any delay with the genuine product you specified. If this is the case of your service then how come you expect other to trust you n buy from you and how can I refer others about ur site. And your customer care phone is also not working.
    Need your reply ASAP.

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