XS REAL – lot of communication gaps between customer service and marketing team.


I visited sienna last week(April 2014) and I see there is good progress. There are few things that needs to be addressed immediately 1. Road access from main road to flat(For moving in things). There are NO TREES from main road and the place is too dry in summer, NOT ENOUGH LIGHTING facility. I noticed that security personnel are so careless and they let people inside XS REAL without enquiring. Hope once sienna is completed, there will be strict security check. I wish CCTV cameras are installed in prominent places around the apartment. I currently stay in rented house(Another MSB project in PADUR) and I am not able to keep my shoes and even milk sometimes goes missing!!!
I got my house handover letter and my house doesn’t seems to look like brand new house
QUALITY IS NOT AS PER STANDARD!!!! Painful to see flat when we made huge investment. I want to personally meet owner of XSREAL. Also noticed there are lot of communication gaps between customer service and marketing team.
Following are the faults we have seen in our new flat and are raised to customer service:
1. Paint stains on all switch panels.
2. The brown paint in the front foyer on the arch seemed to have leaked. Please rectify.
3. EB panel has dents and scratches.
4. Main door peep-hole is blurred
5. Main door when closed is not firmly closed.
6. Main door when open hits the wall and has made scar on wall.
7. Wall paint is very thin looks like only single coat has been done. We could clearly see the cement surface. Please do another coat.
8. Windows,doors and bathroom tiles are unclean. They all have paint patches and fingerprints. Also the sliding space has lot of dust.
9. Brownish stains on the foot of bathroom door frames.
10. Almost all the bathroom fixtures have rust. Please change them.
11. It seems like someone has been using the toilets. This is unacceptable. All lavatories needs thorough cleaning
12. Common bathroom and 3rd bedroom doors are very hard to open.
13. In the bedroom without bathroom, floor tiles in the wardrobe area has red color stains. Try to remove those stains or replace the tiles.
14. Finger prints on walls.
15. Balcony doors are not locking properly
16. 3rd bedroom frame broken cheap wood quality
17. Gap in door frame and tile in common bath. No proper finishing.
18. Flush tank in MB bath is not fixed properly.
I am attaching pics of the my house that was given to me for PRE-inspection after getting handing over letter. I am frustrated seeing my condition of my house. Even after complaints rectification, the way in which they addressed my grievances are really bad!!! I am upset and the way the treated my house is unbearbale. Most frustrating thing is workers have used my toilets and builders have used my house as store room. NEVER EVER INVEST IN FUTURE WITH THIS BUILDER!!!!

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