Yash Matrimony, Raipur – suspicious and fake commitments by Versha Sharma, representative

Yash Matrimony collcetd Rs 4000 vide mr no 1477 dt 19.12.2013 for matrimonial services. This started with their ad. in Times of India (MP & CG edition) After sever follow up by one of their staffs Vandna Shamra I paid the above amount with the understanding that the proposal which she had sent earlier would be expedited and start dialogue with groom’s family.

They have now :

01 . stopped attending my calls
02. stopped responding my emails
03. did not send any user ID or PW
04. did not attend my complaint filed on their portal
05. keeping absolute silence

This act of Yash Matrimony has mentally tortured me for no fault of mine and falls under illegal activity. Such agencies should immediately be closed . Kindly take action and oblige

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