– Yebhi cheated me on refund of my amount.

Hi Team,

I have placed an order with number:YBH5479077on 23 Apr 2014 with EMI process from HDFC Credit card, after repeated calls they have been failed to deliver my order in time and for this reason I cancelled my order on 13 May 2014 and as per the request and money back Yebhi asked me to send a mail, I followed the same and sent a mail on 14 May 2014.

But instead of debiting my first month EMI into my account they are converted it into points which has not in progress and the points program has been not yet been completely introduced in Yebhi.

When I called to customer care, they siad that the points program has been introduced on 1 Sep 2014, but I cancelled my order on 13 May 2014 itself.

Second, they have been deducting my rest of the EMIs from my HDFC Credit Card after cancelling my Order.

Third, there’s no proper authentication and response from the Yebhi customer care guys.

Totally I think they are planning to rob the money instead returning it.

I have purchased from other online sites as well, but there is no fraud like Yebhi, they are crystal clear in their policies unlike Yebhi.

Please consider my request and do needful.

Thanks & Regards,
Phani T
Mobile: 9290621244

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