YebhiProducts – ordr number – YBH5608506Duplicate shirts

I had ordered 1/2 a dozen of shirts from Yebhi.Com online shopping portal. But when i received the first shipment of 3 shirts i was so shocked like hell.The shirts that were displayed on the portal and the shirts that i received were completely different.As if they have sent me the shirts from some roadside vendors. I have paid 1500/- for each shirts through my credit card. And surprisingly when i tried to contact the customer care guys, they said they cannot refund the amount as it is under no replacement scheme. I am really disappointed with what they show on their site and what they give to their customers. Please help me on this. These people should be punished for cheating genuine customers.

Order Number – YBH5608506
Name-Preet Kumar
Phone – +91-7304420502


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