Zamroo India ( Or Codera — Zamroo india and codera tech is fraud (

I joined Codera Technologies Pvt ltd as a business development manager on 27th of January. Worked there for 7 months till August 2015, during which period I worked for 3 months on Codera Office/development center where brought them few clients who needed offshore development resources on various technologies like SAP, Drupal, Tera Data, share point etc. For some reason the backend team was not able to meet the client’s demands and thus lost them. Instead of working on their incompetence of meeting clients need, they shifted me on their new venture Zamroo India ( Here I was entrusted with responsibilities to bring them clients advertising space (display/banner ads) on their website. I had been switched to completely different job profile and had to deal with very different types of client, during my switch I was suddenly asked to work as almost like a door to door sales person which was never a part of original job description. I was threated with the possibility of losing my job if I didn’t work like this. I worked under protest for 4 more months after which I was made to leave, without any notice and even without me giving any resignation from my side. My salary of the last working month (August 2015) was also not released and they have not released it even to this day even after promising to release it after I met them about this and also wrote several emails about it. They have also not given me my documents back and have refuse to co-operate. In my last meeting with Mr. Rakesh Kapoor (CEO), I was threatened with possibility of some legal action from their side if I keep asking for my documents and for my salary. In all, almost Rs 35, 000/- of my salary are still lying with Codera Technologies / which I have not received. I suggest to everyone reading this to work/deal with this company which does not respect his employee, client, business partner, on their own risk.

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