zifzi – Against ZIFZI some any UNKNOWN person did Totally LIES/WRONG complaint only purpose of disturb to company ZIFZI

Respected sir / madam / miss

ON date: 04 november 2014 – we found complaint against our website: WWW.ZIFZI.COM here is complaint totally wrong/Lies from any UNKNOWN person. we dont know why to complain against www.zifzi.com ?
but we think this complaint created by any competitor person with PREPLANED.

below is complaint URL:

we did allready comment on this URL:

we inform you that we did dont know any compliant person name “sarath” and also dont know name “india2go”
we did not any deal any past time same name or same website name or same company name as given above.
any hidden person did complaint us for DISTURB purpose ( if will be any compititer want to disturb us without any meaning).
this complaint is totally 100% lies.

if complaint person is right so why not view his contact number / contact email / contact address etc more details in his complaint ?????

our company is registered reputed company for email marketing services. allready thousand persons did working with us. still today not any complaint against zifzi from any where. but while we know that who person do this wrong point. our company will LEGAL process against this person.

now we want to know that: your website (http://www.complaintsaboutbusiness.in ) why to accept any complaint: ????
* any unknown person
* any fake/doubtfull person
* any identity hideen person
* without any proof
* without any verification
* without any website details
* without any contact number details
* without any email id details
* without any contact address details

please remove/resolve/suggest for totally lies complaint against www.zifzi.com
– OR –
please give us complaint ( wrong persons ) contact email id, contact address, contact number, website etc details.
then we can contact him directly

Our contact email id: [email protected]
Our contact Mobile: +91 81540 44411
Visit Our website: www.zifzi.com



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