Cheated in Astrology – Avoiding Astrology Scams

ow a days the one of the top most scam is in the astrology trade. The dilemma is how to tell a Pandit / Astrologer / Tarot Reader / Molvi Baba / Psychic Reader is legitimate or not. This is the most difficult decision one has to make as after contacting one of them the cheesy talk will grab  you and once the money is paid you are in their catch either you will be made to pay more because of different reasons they will tell you or you will be ignored if not paid and you will not be contacted or replied neither by calls or messages. They only reply until you pay them. This is bitter but truth it is.

The most common way of Astrologer / Molvi Baba / Psychic reader / Pandit is Scare Tactics. Fake astrologer will use fear to persuade you that you have to contact them regularly and take their services. These scammers will find a way or another to make you come back again and again resulting in making you pay more and more money.

Anyone can be a victim of this scam. Your hard earned money is spent on something which in result will only make you regret your decision later. It can also be worse if you get tricked and spent more and more for the same scam as you are halfway struck and to get out from there is very difficult. 

If you are one of the victim of dirty tricks in astrology business, share your side of experience no matter positive feedback or negative experience but sharing will help someone else and spare him / her from the heartache! Share Your Scam Story

Before You Hire an Psychic Reader or Astrologer please check the following,

  • The most important thing is how many years of experience does one have, its as simple as to understand, example: A doctor with more experience will find the reason of illness in first attempt than the doctor who is new-bee. Astrology and medical science are alike. An astrologer will read your horoscope accurately who has his hand in this field from long and his work will speak.
  • A genuine Pandit / Astrologer will never user scare tactics, a good astrologer will read your horoscope which he has made by, the information of, accurate date of birth, time of birth and place of birth given by you. HE / she will never use fear to extract money from you.
  • True astrologer know the remedies are for boosting one’s self confidence. They will not extract money for the remedies they will mention. A legitimate astrologer knows the horoscope is clear indication of past like karma. Everyone has to go through karma rather than feeling scare about karma.

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  1. Sindhu Gaikwad

    Fraud by 2 astrologers
    Vk shashtri – Mumbai Malad ( runs ashram in Ahemdabad Gujarat) phone number – 9664808781
    Harsh shashtri – Punjab ( Phone number – 9779883825
    Both of them are different astrologer whom I consulted to but both just took money from me saying the work will be done in 3/ 4 days after doing some pooja .
    Bt nothing’ worked they both took money n did not recived calls nor texted back n if they did they said there is this problem that problem in ur life n relationship again they used to ask for money 4700 rs then 1200 rs then 1800 rs then 5500 rs like this they just fraud people who have genuine problems n they take advantage of it .

    If this is right place to write n alert people pls help me out for getting refund from them

  2. My name is Ankush and I am leaving my number, fb profile, Linkedin and instagram information, so that people know this is really me and not a fake complaint.
    Pandit Aman Sharma is a fraud.
    I live in Canada and contacted him for his services. He claimed to get my work done within a guaranteed time of 3 days.
    In order to make it believable, he gives a random date and time.
    Once he receives the money, he becomes less responsive and cames back on the last day saying there is some additional black magic that we need to remove.
    This will cost you more money but this time your work will be done for sure.
    I have screenshots of our entire conversation and screenshot of the bank transfer.
    I don’t know how he lives with himself and sleeps at night. I was in a horrible state of mind and he exploited as much money as he could.
    My Canadian Number – +1 6472298441.
    My Instagram Account – nagankush737.
    My Linkedin Profile – ankush-nag-1a73b444.

    I am ‘NOT’ Advertising any other astrologer !!!

  3. Rekha Sharma Sunil bharrgav he took 45000 to me…he said i will return you on week…he blocked my all no…not returning my money.9501019537
    Sunil bharrgav…9649450712.

    1. Ganesh Acharya Karn sharma….he took 77000 from me.after he said…our guru ji died not returning my money contact no 9899469403

      Faroud ganesh acharya 8619339054( 77000)
      Sunil bhragav..9649450712. 45000

      Rekha Sharma -9501019537