1000stock accurate call provider

hi i took subscription from 1000 stock,i got good response from them they handled me and given good calls,they given calls which gives minumum of 5000/- profit per day.i paid 15000/- for stock fututre,in icici bank.it is worthfull.


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  1. Dhananjayan.G.N

    1000stocks.com is a very big fruad company, do not believe them, all are stupid…………….
    If any body object this can mail me.

  2. i also paid 12k for stock option for them they gave good profit with in a week got double the the profit amount,now i am going to take 6months subscrition.

    accurate call provider.
    good technical tips
    thanks to 1000stock

  3. yes my friend i also subscried with them they gave good calls,they gave good calls and they respond very well not like other companies.1000stock is good one.