9arts Media – FRAUD COMPANY

Ramu form 9arts is big cheater he is cheating the public in the name of 9arts as a training institute for and looting money. Many of the students have been cheated for his false training i have paid 30k for the training, the training is not good. They don’t Howe proper faculties they don’t have servers faculties. They them self don’t anything in any training like web design, mobile apps. Just ramu is collecting money and fooling candidates. it’s a waste of money doing course in 9arts. So because of this institute.

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  1. riteesh bharadwaj

    Dear All,

    there is no truth in his complaint, I too working for this company, but there is no training at all, when there is no training how could be possible to make fraud, it’s an development company. plz make sure, before complaining.

    riteesh bharadwaj