A Z sales A19 FF SECTOR 2 Rohini New Delhi 110085 – Wrong product

Reported By: Manoj ruwali

Contact information:
A Z sales A19 FF SECTOR 2 Rohini New Delhi 110085 Delhi
Forgot website but seller name is mentioned as company address

I ordered 4 casual shirts of medium size on cash on delivery today I received 3 shirts which are used & torn and without buttons kids size /extra large size and they don’t have any contact no mention in that they are fooling customers and looting hard cash money

Please take strict action against them

How to file a complaint against A Z sales A19 FF SECTOR 2 Rohini New Delhi 110085?

* Go to page
* Write A Z sales A19 FF SECTOR 2 Rohini New Delhi 110085 in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from A Z sales A19 FF SECTOR 2 Rohini New Delhi 110085.

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  1. Bogus company and send very cheap quality material. Instead of 4 shirts they send 3 and that too of very cheap and dirty quality. Pl do not buy from this vendor anything

    1. Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi

      From which website you ordered product. Can i know the website or company name as i can’t found any company or website with this name

  2. Sachin tyagi

    Frood person frood I am booking 3 pics t shirt us polo mark large size 999 rs but recived order 2 t shirt twice use and fati hue so please strict action this person my order no is awb323840128629 dated 05.05 .2023 party gstin no is 07AAZCS5131J1ZS NAME AZ SALES

  3. A.srinivasa Rao

    To, shipper, A-Z Sales, A19, FF Sector 2, ROH, New Delhi 110 085.
    Complaint: Pls support to return the parcel procedure. we have purchased one item the
    Invoice No. SSNK 5191 05.03.2023. But inside damaged clothes are found. in this case pls help
    we have booked in facebook online and received parcel in Amazon shipping.
    Thanks & Regards
    A.srinivasa Rao,

  4. Krishna Deshmukh

    Hello I have received a wrong order please call me or else I’ll make sure this goes in cyber security as my dad is in cyber security

  5. Today I received 3 shirts which were used and torn please take strict action as they are showing things different in website. And sending bad stuff . I want my refund

  6. Syam Kumar Kolluri

    This A Z Sales people are making innocent people fools and looting from us. Please take strict action on this company and please let us get the refunds…

  7. I have placed order for pack of 3 t-shirt but received two damaged and wrong tshirts.
    Please advise how to return.
    Vikas Saini

  8. Sidra khurshid

    I receive the wrong item and when I tell them to give my money they tell me it is not my work to refund this.

    I want to return my order within 3 day .
    I want my money .