Abhibus – Pathetic Service from Abhibus.com and Kumar Travels (Ticket ID :203912)


This is regarding ticket number 20179608 which I booked on 11th of August for 3 people from Abhibus.com by selecting operator Kumar Travel to travel from Mumbai to Jagtiyal. Unfortunately I wanted to cancel one ticket so i logged in Abhi.com and tried to cancel one ticket but system was not allowing me to cancel one ticket. Therefore I called up Abhibus.com support number 18002009999 on 14th of August at 8.57am (Which was 3 days before actual Journey) and spoke to executive laxmi. After a 2 minutes conversation with her she said that I cannot cancel the partial ticket because as per operator terms and conditions partial ticket cannot be cancelled. So i asked her that i am ready to cancel all 3 tickets together but i want assurance that my existing two ticket should be there for me if i want to book it again but she was not ready to give me an assurance nor she gave me any other alternate solution.

This is really pathetic situation when as per terms and condition you have to cancel all tickets and when you are trying to re-book there is no assurance from your side to get the existing ticket. She was asking me to contact Operator directly for the settlement and gave me contact number of 02224375159. So I called up operator on this number 02224375159 and spoke to some person at this number, he said he is not the right person so contact owner on this number 9323835159–Mr. Swami, so i called up on this number but somehow no answer on this number. Later again i called up on 02224375159 and asked for help so this time i got this number 09320105159— Vekatesh. When I called Venkatesh he attended my call so explained my situation to him, so he said he will do the settlement for me and asked me to contact him at 7pm on same day. So i called him up at 7pm in the evening but he did not answer my call. Next day on 15th August I called up him but no answer , after making several attempts he attended call and said he give me assurance that he will do settlement so asked me to contact him again next day. Again on next day on 16th August I called him at 11am but again there was no response from him, so again I called up on 02224375159 and asked for help, they provided me another number 09228009591 but again I did not get any help from this number. Finally I got this number 9323835159 (Owner of Kumar Travels) so called on this number and spoke to him and explained the situation so he said he will help me to do the settlement so we can contact him at morning 17th August before the Journey.

Next day on 17th August when we reached at departure location (Bharat travels Elphinston road) and contacted both Venkatesh and Onwer of Kumar Travels, they have sold the seat to someone else and asked us to wait so that they will give us refund money later. Since we were in travel so we waited for whole day and finally on 17th Evening they gave 700rs (half of my ticket price). This is really bad worst situation when you have continuously contacted all possible people from Abhibus.com to operator from 3 days before the Journey and at the end what you get half money. As per terms and condition if I cancel the ticket in advance I should get the amount after 10% deduction but here is the situation where even after doing a follow up from 3 days before I am getting half money.

I really want my remaining money back because this is really injustice. I am ready to escalate this matter at any level I do have all the proofs and calls records that I have been calling Abhi.com and Operator since 4 days just to cancel one simple ticket and at the end what I can get half money. Whoever are there at management level of Abhi.com I would request you to look in this matter and help me to do the settlement.

For evidence proofs (Call logs and records, sms) you can reach me on 9833265225. I would really appreciate if immediate action can be taken.

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