ABT Maruthi ,Arumbakkam ,chennai – Negligence of Service to its Least

Before Delivering my Suzuki Swift VDI at ABT Maruthi, Arumbakkam, chennai .The Service Person wouldn’t even care to fix back the clamps, screws, rubber plugs, paint stuck like gum with dirt( after Water wash), like how they were supposed to be, and my handbrake wouldn’t work and slip off, which was working before giving to service … Delivering the car more Worse with more Problems then Before Giving it to the Service. I had to Look into each and every detail and ask him to fix at the time of delivery .This took me more then 3-4 hours just to Deliver .And they called me saying the vehicle is ready for Deliver and all the work is done. If i had to be there and do all the work, whats the purpose of giving to so called “ABT Authorized” service centers . And they just gave the Pre-inovice instead of complete Invoice even when i paid the full money, when asked they say some lame excuse that the job card was done just an hour back and it had to be entered into computer and they would post it, and the service man would stand for Money after myself getting into the car, even after such Negligent work and wasting all my time. My concern is, it would be good even if such Service Centers wouldn’t exist, instead of worsting the Good value of it.

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