Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC] – unethical behavior

Reported By: Japh

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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC]

Dear Adnoc Company,

Good Day,

I would like to complaint one of your employee/staff name MR GHAN SHYAM GURUNG – 11006; 1422 6177 12881 ; 14226177, regarding of his unethical behavior. this staff was rude and insulting us that we are not arab local to file a complaint. his service was so poor and we felt disappointed. this is what happened we came to Adnoc town center in al ain to refill a gasoline we gave the payment cash and our emirates id and then he leave he came back and we gave our payment and our emirates id he started to get angry and starting shouting us like why we don’t give our emirates a while ago and now they are having a problem to the point system I told him we are trying to give it first but he did not listen his colleague try to finish our transaction at first and call him and told to him that he is always like that. he shouting us like we are not a customer and insulted us. I hope you take an action regarding on this matter.

Thank you and regards*


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2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC] – unethical behavior”

  1. Imtiaz ahmed mushataq ahmed

    Hi there was a abusess matter with me at the zahir petrol station infront of lulu haypermarket near ummgafa round bout.metter was taht.i go to perchase enjin oil inthat station at the 19.2.2021 time wsa 17.30 oper29/6077 auth by 296077.when i want enjin oil he force me to go near a pvt shop and perchase there.4 time he asked like that i refuse and asked just i need taht 4 littr.he come to angry with me and start abuses i ask his name he told me Go any were and complane me All the system at my …..i sy why u like he snach my mobil and try to brok..i call police to make a couse at him about his bad behaveior.may be he have commeaion with nabour pvt shop.and he ask me go to police and adnic complane me All that at my zub.still i am shoking with that aggricive bahaveior.i want to go a cause at the guy.also same time cctv vedio avabile same room.have any one to see that bloddy people in adnoc.


    Dear Distribution Manager
    Adnoc Company
    Abu Dhabi
    Subject : Unethical behaviour of Petrol Filling Staff Mr.Shivam ( Distribution no 4188) at sharp 1:22 pm today.
    I undersigned Mohammad jamshed a HSE Professional really shocked to see the staff unethical behaviour when i reached to Aforesaid Petrol Pump i found no one outside all are inside the office at 1:20 pm today. Than one staff came to serve me i request him to full the tank & than after i told him to give invoice than his reply was just keep quite no need to tell again & again than i reply i am requesting you for invoice & you start shouting.Than after he reply me you are not owner just keep quite .Than i contact other staff he control the situation.
    Over all i observed there is a need of behabiural training required to learn your staff to have smooth communication with customer .
    Regards .
    Mohammad jamshed
    Mob 0527613628
    Abu Dhabi
    Details: Selling No 3831
    invoice no 2021061139001003831
    You you get my Point & take necessary action to avoid this type of complain in future.

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