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Reported By: Gaisinlung Phaomei

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This online app is about free earning app after purchase the products by recharge money and allow to received daily income depending on the purchase products.. Higher the investment higher the income… At first they try to attract customer by making them trust it… After the customer begin to believe and invest high amount of thier capital… The company began to plan for more purchase.. If not the account of those who didn’t recharge it goona freeze .. For those purchase the daily income and withdrawal will be normal… But those believers began to invest more and more… Soon began to worried and concerns… pleases everyone keep in mind, Evils are sharper thier toungue to cheat the innocent… Their trick you need to know is to understand that they will give you more and more rewards for inviting,recharge but don’t forget the withdrawal will still pending..that how many peoples who join accel shares app fake company they lost thier investment…please help us and comment on this website this type of company will not only cheat but can worsened even to death… Please even the reader who didn’t join also file a complaint for the loser like me…there still many people a bussiness but cheating or scam is dangerous…we are Indian let show respect and kindness towards people and built a strong bonds to the citizens…. .

This online fake company ACCELSHARE APP MY MANAGER USING NAME NANDANA(7549443824)THE MOST MISCHIEVOUS AND EVIL USER. is about free earning app after purchase the products by recharging money and allow to receive daily income depending on the purchase products. Higher the purchase higher the income.. At first they try to attract customers by making some little amount of credit to trust it. After the customer begin to believe and invest high capital, the company began to plan for more products to purchase it… If not the account will be freeze.. Wow what a good idea im appreciate it… And not only that they will give you alert news 2-3 notice to recharged that is all income and withdrawal are normal and valid and invalid are filtering out separately… For puchase and not purchase so invest for this two plan 1.(refund tax payments=5000) 2.(for valid and invalid member=3000).. This is a Clever plan.. Now the link and all the senior admin in the group even block us.. Today the link also closed.. There is no refund money for foolish mistake.. or no point of complaint and anger or tear and worried… So never trust online earning app… This is a warning Thank for the readers..

How to file a complaint against Accelshare app. Fake company?

* Go to page
* Write Accelshare app. Fake company in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Accelshare app. Fake company.

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