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Reported By: Mohammed Aiyaz

Contact information: No particular city online crime.

This is a complaint regarding the online fraud done by the company. The company was selling online equipment to customers and the customers get the return amount daily with upto 300 to 400 % return. Initially I thought it was a fraud company so I invested 500rs and bought an equipment. After 40days I got more than 100% return. So I thought the company is genuine and invested more amount later. But during December month the we were unable to withdraw the amount from the company’s account into our account. Later, the company said if we want our money back we need invest 30000rs to get back the money in 2 days. After investing that money later they said more 3000rs is needed to make us a genuine payable member. After investing all these amount by 3rd of January the company’s website as well as the company’s application stopped working and all the contacts to whim we used to speak regarding the company were not picking up the calls. This was one of the biggest online scam I have seen by any company, deceiving the people and making them invest in the company. I want the government and the cyber crime department to deal with such kind of people in a very strict manner so that in future it doesn’t happen again and I also want my money back which I invested was around 90000rs. The girl whom we used to speak was jahnvi. I don’t have her number in my phone as I used to speak to her through my mother’s phone. I think most of the other people have her number I urge everyone to post the complaint as well as her number and any other details if I’ve missed any. These people should be punished severely as many poor people also fell in their trap. The government of India should take huge steps regarding online frauds to stop such crimes in future.


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