acro labs – fraud

i have taken up a piping course from this company along with my freind last year in june .the course duration was 2 months and we have undertook the piping course from this company with assurity of the job in the same feild as they said they have many tie ups but when the course duration was over they had taken from us 60000 rupees and yet they have not shown any actions for our job and on the name of job they were not able to meet their own guidelines and specifications that they have provided plus when we asked for the certification for the least response for our money they started delaying it and tilll today we have not received our money not the certificate .they have caused a mental pressure and humiliation to us and to our parents .they are fraud who on the name of testing run and show that they are a big firm and running a large number of courses but in real they only have credentials for testing .these people lied to us from begining and still are dealying .these people have ate our parents hard earned money and still dont have even got the guts to face us .

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