Adnoc station no167 – Rude behavior of the employee

Reported By: Gulzar Ansari

Contact information:
Adnoc station no167 Abu Dhabi

We were at station no. 167 in Shakhbout city for petrol fill in our car. The attendant attached the pipe and started to move away without starting the service. My son who was driving the car honked to attract his attention. He got furious at him as to why he honked. He started arguing that he should have not honked and just lowered the window and called him. He raised his voice such that all the other people around him could hear. We tried to intervene and sought the help of the Manager, Mohammed Rafi Assain. He started to take sides with the attendant Yasar Totammal. They spoke in their native language which we could not understand. The supervisor did not resolve the issue and even though the attendant was shouting at us in front of him, he did not reprimand him. This is absolutely unacceptable. We would like to know who will take action against such employees.


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