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Reported By: B Hemlata

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This website is biggest online work scam website. Smart way to make fraud. Be aware of positive reviews. They pay penny and earn lakhs from the work done by subscribers. Paying 50 paisa, just think how insane people they are. First they will tell pay Rs 500, will give work and Rs 500 credits to the online account which their website. You cannot withdraw until it reaches min payout and to reach min payout they will force to work like hell and at last membership expires and they will to upgrade by money again which is non refundable. So be aware, any one ask money to subscribe for online or home jobs, its fraud. No address where it is located.
Scam website

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  1. Yes… I just registered by paying 399 no use links are not working and the dash board showing 506 rupees and also not able to view the website.. No ads visitors or quiz all.. All fake froud people… Please guys do not trust this fake application website simply I wasted my 399 rupees… No contact number also to reach no proper ticket complain… It’s kind request never waste money on part time copy paste job.. All fake… It’s second time… I been fool by ads… And I wasted my money😈 bloody people by cheating they are earning our money.. This kind of applications the grovement has to take action and seal they bloody office…and take action against these people… Their bank account also must seal… Is any one can help filling case against them..


    It is a fake site… for a few days they credit .50 to your account … then they stop that too.. and money be withdrawn only after Rs 3600 is accumulated in the account… which will take ages to collect @ .1

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