Airwil Intellicity – cheated and roughed up

I have been cheated and roughed up by one of the Builder in Noida – Airwil Intellicity
An employee of Airwil by the name Mr Shamim approched me over phone for investment in Commecial project .
I was convinced by the presentations shown to me and I decided to make an Invest ment .
I went to Airwil Office and made payment of Rs 2 lacs ( Rs 50000 cash and Rs 150000 Chq)
I booked a Studio Apartmet and was given reciepts for same in the month of Sep 2013 .
In Nov 2013 , I recieved a letter that my booking was cancelled as I had not paid entire booking amount to Airwil . On calling Mr shamim , I came to know that he has left and Mr Amit has taken his place .
Mr Amit told me that Airwil has recieved payment of Rs 50000 only and I have to pay balance amount . When I informed him on chq , He showed ignorance and suggested me to submit another chq .
I confirmed from my bank and the previous chq was never presented , so I decided to give another chq .
I handed over new chq to MR Amit and was told that my booking will not be cancelled . However , when after 2 days I recieved a letter from Airwil I was shocked to see that my chq has been utilised to make fresh booking of IT office .
I immediatly instructed my bank to stop payment and reached Airwil Office . Mr Amit refused to meet me as he was busy in meeting .
Next day I got call from Mr Amit and he started abusing me for making stop payment . He also threatened me that He will make sure that I can not take my Rs 50000 refunded easily .
I again visited company office and tried to talk to some senior official , but that too was in vain . Every one who met me only suggested to new and forget old one .
Then I wrote to company for refund of my money and got a reply that my money will be refunded to me after March 2014 .
I am struck and feeling helpless as I have been told by company employees that if I tried to take legal course , I will not be able to take out my money .
Beware of this company

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  1. Vikrant Thakur

    I was planning to buy an office in their new project on expressway but after reading this case, i have already changed my mind.

    How the hell these builders think that they can treat their client like this. Client has to be treated well if the business has to grow.

    Enjoy loosing many more client because of your wrong attitude and treatment to the customers.