Ajman Taxi – Taxi Driver Drinking Chai while driving

Reported By: Michelle

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Ajman Taxi Ajman

Went to Lulu for grocery. Outside lulu, there a taxi waiting in line. I put my grocery at back side of car. Driver did not help me. Doesn’t know location of my destination so I let him borrow phone for Google Maps. All is fine until I saw him drinking chai while driving. Then at some point, he accelerated to much, my phone flew to the floor. to the other side of passenger seat. What I want to complain is this drinking while driving. What if his chai spill to my phone? As well, he did not take care of my phone. He let it fall, telling there is no damage. My camera lens could have been scratched. How can he know when its already night time? He did not even apologize. Also, him drinking chai can cause accident to me. Not attentive to the road. This behaviour is not fit for a driver. Very careless. His plate number is 3015. Ajman Taxi. I booked it only outside Ajman Lulu around 10pm-10:30pm Friday August 13 2023.

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