Alice Blue – Fraud Alice Blue Company Theft Clients & Funds (Money)

Dear All, Alice Blue Clients Please Closed your All Alice Blue Account & Franchise Totally Fake & Fraud Company All Employee is fake & not refund Franchise Deposit & Clients Payout Any Time Charges for Extra TM74 our franchise code Fake fake fake Alice Blue Commodities Pvt Ltd. Please Ignore this Company Alice Blue Very Fraud

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  1. Dear all
    yes alice blue commodites nest software is creates huge problems, like struck the connections, no can resolve the problems with the time. Every month minimum 5 times customers will losse the connection. Their is no service from the head office.
    better any customer want to trade in any company plz chek about service and terminal problems


      sorry sir , im also one of client in Alice blue , if you are online client you can get support from your branch.even im also getting the same way. Dont provide false commitment to anybody

    1. hello if u say this s good company then do u have any account with this ..? if yes publish the proof am ready to verify…pls do not try to bluff people….

  2. I never accept as u noted complaints from the company…i have maintain account with alice blue pas 3 years…payout and terminal very good only….company improve their facilities like,margin limit,same day payin payout, iam realy enjoy the service..please do not post fack comment…i refer intrested people can open account with aliceblue

  3. yes, alice blue is the fraud company …always they try to cheat n grab money from their clients …
    if we have more money in account they detect small small amount often and say annual maintenance n
    account maintenance fee… but they do fraud in brokerage systems…many of the clients may not aware
    of that because they are new to this business….the trading s/w also will not work properly…margin also will not be provided as they said…

    always giving wrong commitment as well…they wont follow any words they have said….

    Because of this kind cheating company other state people says all tamil people are fraud….even if we complaint to complaint officer
    he wont take any real action instead of that he acts as solving issues…finally nothing will happen…

    they will take 2 months to open account its very worst company…am requesting to all pls watch carefully al your transactions
    if u have invested through this company…

  4. i have got call from alice blue to open the account. they have also told me about the brokerage. while opening the account, i asked about the sample contract notes and after checking this, it is observed that they are charging more taxes than other brokers. i had also mailed my existing brokers ecn to proove this. but till date, they have not replied me nor any call……………..

    they are really cheaters………….. be aware all the new comers……………

    1. Dear Mr.Chandrakant,

      Would like to inform you, earlier i searched the details in internet got the negative feedback but no proof provide for negative.

      Hence intitally i opened a account on Jan 2014 since i do not find any issue further i have taken sub brokership and presently 26+ active client.

      If you are facing the problem, please let me know will get escalated on behalf you.

      But i would like to inform ALICEBLUE will not charge overand above the agreed rate. if you are charged you may esclate the issue with NSE / SEBI.


  5. yes i am opend a/c in alice blue they took 45 days to open demat a/c and also detuct huge money and nest sw hang loging time very carry forward net position not showing they sold my position without knowing me

  6. Really Alice Blue was worst in service, even account opening. I have the T20 Account from their. they mailed me to offer a no brokerage on Rs.9999/- plan. I accept and sent Cheque for Rs.11250/- on 25th july for that. When they get the cheque immediately they put the collection and get that amount. But till now I did not upgrade that account. Till now i try to contact that persons they diverted calls to another and another but no solution. (Till now means 13.10.2014) What can I do? My Cell No.7373010050,,

  7. The alice fraud company alway cheat clients they creating plans they using public money
    please remove the funds from alice blue no guarantee

  8. Dear all ,
    Alice blue is the good company.I had the account past 3 years.Stillnow no problem raised from them.

  9. I agree totally useless company . Worst company and worst than government owned sewage company. It is nightmare to get in touch and literally illeterate staff.