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Reported By: Angelita Manuncia

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amazon philippines task flatform nueva ecija

as a person with dissability…i am looking for a job online to at least earn for a living…they said i just need to follow the steps and then i will be working with them…and because i desperately needed a job i followed their instructions…i recharge and paid 100 through gcash for vip1…then they asked me to recharge again so i can be a member trader…my 100 became 200 so i added another 300 and paid in gcash the amount of 500 for vip2 …the task is to grab orders and then it appears that i have insufficient balance so it can not proceed…i asked the team leader what to do but she said i have to recharge more to finish the task…so i borrowed 500P from my neighbor and paid through gcash…as the task goes on…it needs to recharge more and its a bigger sum of money…i asked the team leader what if i stop right there because i am only poor and does’nt have a lot of money to recharge…she said i need to finish the task or else i cannot continue and can not even withdraw my money…thats it…this is a real scam…i just wanted to at least have a job because of my condition but found heartless people online…those amount i recharged can already buy my food and medicine…


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  1. Scarlet Starr

    Kindly help me with the funds, I have spend almost 8k with At first i try 500 level ViP 2 and needed to complete the task. I earn almost 400 plus money so i get excited. You just need to grab order and complete it. So i upgrade it to VIP 2000. After a series of grab orders, the total cost gets higher, and you will feel glad to have a bigger commission. But after you lack funds to recharge to add ur to it. There is a timer to process, if you did not complete. Your comissions and earning will be put on hold and the worst ur hard earned money cannot be withdrawn. Be very careful of the distribution platform. Dont be fooled for a bigger sum of money to earn just like that. It will just put you in harm. If you encounter this kind of scam, better to legit check it first before engaging.