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Reported By: Piyush Gupta

Contact information: Mumbai named company which tell themselves as merchant and told me that they have business tie up with a Huge brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc will help me making money & get rich through online tasks given by them which is ordering commodities online & for which I will get commission & company will get revenue through increased orders generation. At first they asked for smaller amount deposits through their so called online tutor through telegram & after that they kept asking for more increased amounts that I have paid to them & the last amount is like 80,000 rs, after that they again asked for last task amount which is like 2,00 000 rs & assured me that after paying this amount I will get lump sum amount as my commission, but I denied that I don’t have that much money so they put my account on hold , & recently when I logged into my account I found out that my account is freed & I can withdraw my total amount showed in the website, which is something like 1,94,861.42 rs & when I submitted the request for withdrawal after some time my withdrawal request is rejected & again 3 to 4 times I had submitted withdrawal request & it got rejected, & on my telegram again in the name of Amazon accounts india a person asked me to submit the 10% of my total withdrawal amount to them as tax that is like 19- 20,000 rs, so that I can withdraw my full amount, I told them that it is written in their website at the withdrawal section that the company is paying the tax on my behalf, so how come I had to pay the taxes, they said that it’s the last payment & after that I will be able to withdraw my full amount or else I will get nothing, I told that I will not give them a single more penny & they have blocked my login into their website. How come such people in the name of such big companies like Amazon are doing fraudulent buses activities & Amazon is still not aware of this, plz help me I’m from a middle class family I have invested my all savings on this website & now I had no money left with me & also I requested Amazon to punish this cheaters so that in future they cannot rob people in the name of Amazon.

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  1. Yes, me also face same scenario and lost some money,. Me also attracted from face book post later they contacted with this number
    +91 7409863760, later guided me through telegram.