Anogii by Vanshika Khanna – Extreme Delay in Delivery | Missing Item | Product Quality and Soecification Compromised

Reported By: Nandini Saraf

Contact information:
Anogii by Vanshika Khanna Amritsar

– On March 9th, I ordered five clothing items from Vanshika Khanna of Anogii, based in Amritsar, through Instagram.
– The agreed delivery timeline was 20 days.
– I made the full payment of ₹8336 in advance via Gpay. This included an additional ₹160 which was supposed to be refunded instantly but has not been refunded to date.

**Delivery Issues and Follow-Up:**

– Despite continuous follow-up and persuasion, the package did not arrive within the promised 20-day period.
– After over two and a half months of waiting, the package finally arrived but was delivered in two parts on two separate days.

**Problems with Delivered Items:**

– One item from the order was missing.
– The four items that were delivered did not match the promised quality, style, specifications, and measurements.

**Communication Challenges:**

– The phone number provided by Vanshika Khanna was out of service or invalid, making direct communication impossible.
– The only available communication method was Instagram direct messaging (DM), which proved to be highly frustrating due to slow and inconsistent responses.
– Vanshika frequently assured me that the package had been dispatched and was on its way, but these promises were not fulfilled in a timely manner.

**Current Situation and Interaction:**

– Upon receiving the items and finding them unsatisfactory, I contacted Vanshika Khanna to request a refund.
– Vanshika responded uncooperatively and refused to refund the money.
– She offered to replace two items and alter the remaining items, provided I courier them back to her at my own expense.
– She promised to deliver the new and altered items within seven business days of receiving the returned package.
– I requested written confirmation of this agreement via Instagram DM.

**Changes in Agreement and Concerns:**

– In writing, Vanshika altered her promise, stating she would dispatch the corrected items “after” seven business days of receiving the return package, rather than delivering them within seven business days.
– Given her past unreliable promises and lengthy delays, I am highly skeptical of her commitment and fear she is being dishonest.

**Desired Resolution:**

– I do not wish to engage in further dealings with Vanshika Khanna due to her unprofessional and fraudulent behavior.
– I seek a full refund of ₹8336 and compensation for the prolonged delay, frustration, and receipt of incorrect and poor-quality items.
– I require legal guidance on how to proceed to secure a refund and appropriate compensation for the issues faced.

**Supporting Information:**

– I have screenshots of the order details, payment confirmation, and Instagram chat records documenting the follow-up attempts and communication with Vanshika Khanna.
– Photographs of the received items highlighting discrepancies in quality, style, and measurements are also available for review.


This situation has caused significant stress and inconvenience. Despite paying in full and waiting far beyond the agreed timeline, I received incomplete and substandard items. Vanshika Khanna’s unreliable communication and refusal to provide a straightforward resolution necessitate legal intervention to recover my funds and seek compensation for the unprofessional conduct encountered.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Anogii by Vanshika Khanna.

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