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Anogii by Vanshika Khanna

A HORRENDOUS LIAR WHO CHEATS. Vanshika Khanna, the owner of the Amritsar-based brand Anogii, is a flagrant thief, unprofessional, and untrustworthy. It has been seven months since I paid her 10,500 rupees for six items, and I still haven’t received them.

She has continuously refused to process a refund, claiming she lacks the necessary funds. THIS after receiving payment in advance and holding onto it for seven months!😨 She is still accepting orders on Instagram and stays quite busy there.

She told me stock was out after three months and forced me to switch things. I returned the two items that were sent in the incorrect size so they could be exchanged in accordance with their policy.

She has, however, continued to consistently lie to me. She has given me every excuse possible, starting with production problems, financial difficulties, material running out, couriers being returned to her by Maruti couriers, couriers getting lost by DTDC, and finally couriers being sent or dispatched to the wrong state (complete garbage).

And the same six topics are still being discussed! She even made an attempt to subtly threaten me by claiming that her father-in-law is an Amritsar commissioner.

I have sent all of her voice and WhatsApp messages to the police and the online legal cell as proof.

She also gives off the impression of being a young, immature woman who is completely unprofessional. It’s shocking how she interacts with her customers. I’ve attached pictures from our chat. “My friend, how are you doing?” “Apko energy hogi chase karne ki, mujh mein nahin hain,” and so on.

She informed me over the phone not to expect my refund and that she would consider it at her convenience.

One of the worst things that has happened to me in my life is this. To steal someone’s money, take seven months to deliver, then refuse to give their money back and say things like this! This is humiliating, which is worse than cheating.

I’m writing this to warn clients to be cautious! Please be aware of the risks before interacting with this business + entrepreneur. It’s similar to dealing with an irrational, spoiled 4-year-old who doesn’t know how to be mature or trustworthy and will lie at the drop of a hat!

10500Rs is a significant sum.

In addition to filing a cyber complaint and writing to the customer consumer court, I’m also trying to find her family’s contact information so I can alert them to this dishonest behavior.


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