Ansal API’s Sushant Golf City Lucknow – Inordinate Delay in Completion of Larchwood Villas Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

Inordinate Delay in Completion of 20 Larchwood Villas in Sector-F, Pocket-1, Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

1. I booked a house, Larchwood No 5, Pocket 1, Sector F at Ansal API’s Sushant Golf City Lucknow in June 2009. Most of the other 19 owners of Sector-F, Pocket-1 booked their Larchwood villas in 2008.

2. Till date i.e. in last 5 years Ansal API has not completed the construction of any house in this small pocket of 20 villas, despite this pocket being located on the main 45 metre wide road which already existed in 2008, at the time of booking.

3. Progress of construction in this pocket has been as follows :-

(a) Year 2008 – No work undertaken.

(b) Year 2009 – No work undertaken.

(c) Year 2010 – No work undertaken.

(d) Year 2011 – Construction began. Foundation laid.

(e) Year 2012 – Roof laid. Work stopped in August 12.

(f) Aug12- Sep13 – Legal battle with Santushti Builders. No work.

(g) Oct-Dec 13 – Work will not commence (as perAnsal API).

4. 95% of the cost of villa has already been paid by me to Ansal API by taking home loan, for which I am paying exorbitant interest to bank but I am still loosing out on 3 grounds :-

(a) I am unable to claim Income Tax rebate of Rs 10,000 per month.

(b) I am unable to earn rental income of Rs 10,000 per month.

(c) I am facing harrasment, uncertainity and adverse effects to my health and well being.

Same must be the case of all other 19 owners of Larchwood villas in this pocket.

5. I seek legal compensation of Rs 50,000 per month from Ansal API from June 2009 (time of booking) till the date possession is handed over. In addition, I seek legal relief that Ansal API must bear cost of legal expenses, transportation expenses, hotel expenses and meal expenses which I incur in fighting this legal battle.

6. Consumer Court case number and date of hearing may please be intimated to me at my email ID ( Further procedure for fighting this case may also please be intimated to me).

7. Summon may please be issued immediately to Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd.

Vikas Pandey
Preetam Nagar, Allahabad 211001, Uttar Pradesh
Contact No. 9467016467

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