Anu builders Medavakkam – Worst builder ever seen

Velmurugan is a person having this company. It is a Very cheat company. Purchased a new house from him. Facing lot of problem from day 1. First of all, he never construct sump along with apartments. Always says that there is no water issue. When I check with him while purchasing no need to worry. no water problemn in medavakkam, I have been staying here more than 15 years. But after started to stay 4 months I faced water problem. WHen I checked with him, you people adjust your self with coming water from your motor. After that we adjusted ourself water problem. Then after some days, water is not flowing from kitchen. it is coming again to room. if you check that, 1st floor kitchen water is coming to our house. Lot of issues with this builder. Life will not peaceful if you purchase house from him.
I faced lot of issues with the house I purchased from him. Each time when you approach him he talks politely and tell that will take care. After that nothing will happen. The workers with him is very worst. Be careful and aware of it. Avoid to book flats from him

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  1. What that is written here is 100 % true. PLEASE DONT BUY IN ANU BUILDERS. Unfortunately with out seeing reviews about them, I too bought house in anu builders recently. They used to tell lot of lies before selling house, but they will behave differently after the deal is over. Still i am facing lot of difficluties because of them. They have only Cons and no Pros.
    Cons: After the Sale deal is over
    1. They will not answer your queries
    2. They will not attend any maintenance issues
    3. Building Quality is bad, and the Main door for house is easily pickable. Very cheap locks and handles. My friend (who bought in anu builders ) house is stolen by thief because of poor main door lock.


  2. CommonMan in Medavakkam

    This feloow cheated and build houses in Ponds with the Help of Pnachayat President (Ravi’s Help).
    He will threat in a polite way for any kind of issues if we go back with him.

    Lot buildings in Medavakkam facing the same Issue only.