Arun Excello Temple Green – Construction is awful

Arun Excello Temple Green Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Jawaharmu

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Arun Excello Temple Green

The construction of the flat is not up to the standard, I am not sure how they got the permission to construct with such a bad quality.

my flat is on 15th floor all the walls are wet and mould is forming. After paying such a hughe money there is no rentel income from that flat

The people who are working are so irresponsible and never answer your question

i had to mention one managers name here, HEMNATH he thinks he owns Arun Excello. Being an employee he treats the customers to bend and bow to to him

IF anyone is planning to buy a flat here please do not do that mistake.

I would advise you to buy a house, if you buy a flat you need to pay maintenance charges even if you live there or not.

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