Ashish mandloi – Asian big bazar cheated with me

Asian Big Bazaar is really a fraud Company & ABB cheated us in many ways. I am also one of them & got cheated by Asian Big Bazaar with scheme of sure 3rd prize winner of PULSUR & 4 that Ive paid Rs.2500+21000=23500/-.
If we contact each other & jointly we all filed complaint against Asian Big Bazaar & also published in Newspaper that it is a fraud company, so there is a possibility of get our money back otherwise ABB got a good lesson & other people may save from its Cheating.
So First of all we have to contact each other against these cheating & fraud company Asian Big Bazaar.
Any one who is interested to get money back or give lesson to ABB then Contact me.
My self Ashish Mandloi & My Contact no is 08722445533

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