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Hai everyone i don’t wanna to use my name because I’m very ashamed to use my name because me and my friends was cheated by that bastard syed karim we all well educated persons one of my friend told me that there is a huge vacancies available in australia cruise so we are very eagerly to apply for cruise jobs and we went to asian travels located towards karur bypass road and we met that bastard, he told us don’t worry we are doing this process in genuine 99.5% u can trust me i’ll apply for u all and get the visa within a 45 days he promised us in that 5% that bastard cheated us and he told us i won’t get any payment in advance, after 4 days he called us and said i received your u all visa so i am going to mumbai for apply cdc certificates so immediately u all must pay 1lak for cdc certificates and for further process, we all hope on that bastard before getting money he made lot of calls and urge us pay the money immediately else i can’t apply cdc for u all but now since daily we are calling him he was not attend our calls but sometimes he attend our calls and answering very cool after that we gave pressure to him later he told us that i am cheated by some other main agent in goa but in his speech we didn’t trust him because he was told very cool and casual so many times we all went to that bastard office most of the times he was not be there only his staff be there always and finally we decided to go to police station and we all went there and gave complaint on them that bastard syed karim was abscond somewhere finally police was arrest his brother and his staff nazzar and put them in remand but since that bastard syed karim doesn’t care about anything, already this same incident was happened before and affected persons will collapse his office and beat him too badly after that again he started that same business and cheated us and he earned 1cr and gave share to all for escaping in this Case, our someone muslim leader in behind him and giving full supports to him in his every critical situations like this so he’s very cool and tackle the problem without any fear and panic, his own god allah is seeing everything they will punish him definitely, he’s spoiling good muslims names also, , his brother is in jail i think now he came out, he’s mobile is in switch on only if we make him a call he’s attend the call and answer us very cool as usual think how dare he is but we don’t know what police is doing(this incident came in dhinakaran edition on19.06.2013) our money is gone they all got money and enjoying with their families, our country is going some where! Peoples though is going worst!…:( Guys please be aware of this fraudulent agent SYED KARIM, At Next He May Start a New Consultancy as Various Name So Careful and Pass this message to your friends…

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