Astrologer Mr. Ramaswamy – Reporting fraud astrologers online


I am Archana (28), from Kaggadaspura, Bangalore.

I had problems in my career and consulted Future Astro (through Facebook Ads). The astrologer Mr. Ramaswamy said that a pooja has to be performed for career betterment and that it would cost 7500(INR). Since I was a little wary about it, he assured that they were 100% genuine and that I can claim a complete refund of my money within 3 days if I do not want to proceed with the pooja or not happy with the results. They also sent me an e-mail as a proof for the refund. With repeated assurance, I transferred the money through ICICI bank, hoping that wire transfers can be tracked anyway.

The next day I got a call from the astrologer and he said more poojas will have to be performed which would need more money. Also, the questions that he was asking me were very personal, sensitive and uncomfortable that I did not want to go ahead with the pooja or the astrologer anymore. I asked him for the refund and he said that he would get it done but it never happened. He forwarded me to their head guru (as they call it), Poornima Ma and she said that the money would be refunded. Since then I have been waiting for the refund but they never did it.

I tried calling them repeatedly and they are not reachable most of the time. When they do pick up, they ward it off with excuses or cut it off. I even informed them that I would be escalating the issue to cybercrime authorities and they said that I can do what I wanted. It has been nearly a month and they have not refunded the money. I strongly suspect that there is malpractice involved here to exploit people’s weakness and swindle money in the name of God and astrology. I have all the e-mails and SMSs exchanged with them and also a screenshot of the transaction receipt as proof. I guess the calls could be tracked too.

Please find below more details:

Astrologer: Rama swamy

Phone: +919988155132

Head Guru: Poornima

Mobile: +9108566882529


Incident Date: 20 Dec 2012

Wire Transfer: ICICI Bank

From A/c: 001401509150 (Archana Amaragandhi), Mangalore Branch

To A/c: 005801565964-ASTROWORLD (Mohali Branch)

Payee Name: Rohit Bhargav

Transaction Reference Number: 386381899

I have raised the same complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center too. (Complaint Id: I1301070109478322). My contact number is 9342713411.

Kindly look into this issue and prevent other people like me from getting fooled.



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