Astrologer Subhash Shastri -Fraud Astrologer dont trust

same case happen with me , i got fell on with a fraud astroger who was cheated me , first he said dont worry, you can trust me i will solve your any type of problem, then i trust because there is nothing way of source to achieve that ..
then i gave him 5200rs, then after 3 day he said there is a problem shown in your yog, so you gave another 16800 rupees, then there is no option for me, and i gave that money, then he said after 15 days your work will be done. after 15 days i call back to him but he not asnswer my call. i am try much to talk but he not reply, then after 18 day he talk n said my guruji died beause of some powerful yog,
its all fraud, his name is SUBHAS SHASTRI , JAIPUR,
so my dear friend they are nothing to do for you, they all are cheat you, because they take advantage of your emotions.

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  1. This man is a fraud and does not have any rights to insult other caste person. he is thinking that he has high caste person and talk any non-sense. Public please don’t fall pray for this cheat