Auro management – Fraud, cheaters, cheating students

myself lubna and im from kerala, i was appointed as a trainee in auro management coimbatore they told its a appco group .. i neva heard of it.. there are ppl named jeganathan, saravanan , preethi , yogesh , alexander who cheats lots of ppl by collecting funds for cry.. i aslo worked there for a month.. it started to prick me once. so i left. pls file a case about their business.. all fuckers working over there.

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  1. its true lubna,am also work in this faurd complany my f__k traniner(saravana) and (mohan)grow leader and boss

    1. Mohamed Barvish

      I m got selected this company two weeks ago but I m not go really it’s a fraud company or not please tell me

    1. It's not fake., Lubna was a fraud and cheat clients my take cash, office has her apology letter and letter to police for the same action., I have seen it my self,, she did this out of vengeance

  2. I work for 3months now., just now am seeing these complaints, it's looks funny for me., some dumb ppl would trust anonymous complients., here ppl are so nice it's really a great environment to work., I love n enjoy it.,