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We understand in every business there will be a risk taken by the buyer but contracts normally goverened by either the company reputation or the goverment appointed body, if applicable.
When we purchased the apartment, the sales appointed agents by Azizi promised the earth, but gave little information, requested 3% deposit transfer before share the initial sale contract, once you paid that, simply kiss it good by, then you contact what is called the customer service, a manger appears so helpful and suggest to do something different and he will rectify all the bad things said or promised, until you find out he is simply another sale con artist working for the same outfit.

you ask for the plan they bring unclear printout, difficult to read and with min. details, he says oh all above board we are reputable company, the best in the market……
so you say how much is it …give you the figure and it seems much higher than the market rate, you question it, and he says these are just pulling your leg. but actually the opposite.

you pay the 30% plus goverment registration fees etc, and they say it will be ready Sept. 2022, you go to the site and see absoultley nothing there, no building or street.
no contact or update nothing except the project account manager call you to offer 5% discount if you pay cash for the balance… ask when it is ready, he says in 6 weeks, you go and visit the site, you see at least 6-10 months work yet to be done.
misleading, dishonest staff with sadly to say no control measures from anybody to stop such acts. it is ashame this is happening in Dubai as Dubai developers has good reputation. we need the official bodies to investigate these poor one sided contracts and examine the offers to protect the people.


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