– Order Nos 91215639 & 91227321 – Non delivery of Goods purchased

Good Day,
I has ordered a book ” The monk who sold his Ferrari” and a ” TAG 2000 Laptop cooling pad” . Order Nos 91215639, (price Rs 249) and 91227321 ( Price Rs 949) on 5th and 7th May respectively. After numerous unresponsive mails and unpicked calls one fine day they picked up my call and said that they had mixed up my order and hence not taken any action. Then, they gave me a new order no. 91251113 saying it comprised of both the above articles. (On 18th May approx). Its June 11th today and there is no news of my order or a reply to my email. Since i stay in Mumbai and their office is in Bangalore I sent one of my friends to check out the office address and it was found to be an empty apartment.

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