Billabong High International School – Non Refund of excess fee charged

Hi Friends,

Request your help in getting the refund of non legitimate fees charged by Billabong High International School at Noida.

My daughter Chahak Sharma was the student of Class V at Billabong High International School Noida. We moved her to a new school in April’2013.

We had applied for transfer certificate on 10th April,2013.

As a part of clearance of the dues I had to pay Establishment & Maintenance Charges+School Essentials+SPA+Tuition Fees+ITLab Charges for the Quarter April to June,2013 amounting to Rs.23,050. The dues have been charged from us as per the rules laid down by the school in the students dairy.

I agree that we should have paid the charges for the month of April’2013 but the charges for the month of May and June are not at all justifiable. The reason being that I had to pay the fees for the Quarter April to June,2013 again in my child’s new school. The new school did not give me the credit for paying the tuition fees in Billabong. As a result of this I had to pay the Tuition Fees for my ward for the month of May’2013 and June’2013 twice.

I believe this is not at all logical and has caused me unnecessary financial loss.

I have written several mails to the school but the school has refused to refund the charges for the month of May’2013 and June’2013.
Please help me in getting the refund for the month of May and June’2013 from the school.

Other details related to the case are :-
Student Name – Chahak Sharma
Transfer Certificate No. 349 dated 22nd April, 2013 .
Admission number is 747.

Please let me know in case you need any further information.

Vikrant Sharma

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