Blacklisted Candidates – S Sharp Lites Shimla – fraud company- Viren Jalta fake person giving wrong numbers.

Hello We come across a cfl manufacturing company which has done fraud with the website company. They designed the website from them and during first meeting, they paid a cheque payment of 4000 and after designing complete website, this is the fourth month, they are making company fool by not paying the further payment of 7000 rupees to the company. Mr. viren jalta with whom they speaking for the past 3 months on 09218019601 and 09418019601, before he lifted the call and use to say that he has sent the cheque through the courier from dtdc from new Shimla and gave this tracking number upon request as Z2Z08521485 and when enquired from the dtdc management they said it is a wrong number and from that day when ever called they neither lifted the call nor that stupid cheque from that person has come to their place. One day he said he had given the money to the icici bank people and they will transfer the fund to respective account as there is no power and they will transfer within 2 days.. According to our opinion, each bank has its own server and its own generator .. this is how they fraud people. I think these type of people should be punished and their license would be cancelled. The management has deactivated their website- and this stupid guy is not lifting the call and seems to be busy like a fool when we call him. We have made a request to the registrar and soon this company will be in a blacked list and their license will be cancelled. WE REQUEST, THEIR PRODUCTS MAY BE DEFECTABLE AND THE SAME CAN HAPPEN WITH YOU PEOPLE ALSO SO BECAREFUL, , THESE GUYS WHEN DO FRAUD AND WHEN THEY WILL NOT LIFT CALLS NO ONE KNOWS. Company Name S Sharp Lites New Shimla Concerned person- Viren jalta Contact no:’s 9218019601, 9418019601

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  1. main bhi iss company ka effected hua hu. ye ek fake company hain, jo jobs deti hain aur uske baaad salary nahin deti hain. sambhaal kar mere dosto, sharp lites Shimla me job mat karna. ye ek fake company hain.

  2. yeh sharp lites saalo ko jab website ke paise dene ki himmat nahin hain to banwayi kyun? kamino ko website ke paise dene ki himmat nahin aur chale website banwane.. sharp lites fake company dostooo…dhyaaaan see…

  3. Square Four Technologies

    Hello Sir.

    We think there is some miscommunication between our management and we feel sorry for the mistake and we have updated your website as per the instructions given by you and have done the specified changes.

    We have even taken a strict action against our employee who wrote the above lines and we are extremely sorry for this inconvenience caused.

    We apologize for the mistake done by us.