BMA Wealth Creator – Mislead people and try to make people fool for brokage

I have opened my trading and demat account in BMA wealth creator Jaipur .At the time of account opening they commit me for so much better services and other things .And they charge me 1000 rs for account opening .But after few days when my account is open there and i am calling the person who contact with me for this > i am so much surprise to hear that the company closed there trading office in Jaipur and the person whom i contacted also leave the job .Now i am so much surprise that how can i do anything .But anyhow i got a number for there Delhi office person and when i contact to him he told me to call on landmine number and after that i start my trading there .But i faces always so many problem with there and i try to contact them with mail but they always passes my times and try to make me fool .They did not give any proper services and just open a shop for brokerage . And now i want to close my account but there is no response from there side and i also want to refund my all account opening fees 1000 rs and my all money. my client code is 66480029 cell number 9462678704

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