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Branddon Hospitality And Holidays

We received an invitation from M/s Branddon Hospitality Services to an event being hosted at Allum Bhavan, Gokulam Park, Ballari District, Karnataka, on February 6, 2022. The event was organized by M/s Branddon Hospitality and Holidays Club Pvt Ltd.

We received an offer from Ms. Komal and Mr. Ismail for a holiday package.
Following negotiations, we came to an agreement on a 5 + 2 years (7 days/year) vacation package for Rs. 1, 05, 000. The catch is that you have to pay the full amount within 2–3 days in order to receive the discount.

We were offered the choice to pay the principal amount off in full over a 24-month period of time through interest-free credit card installments.

Mr. Ismail took my ICICI credit card for Rs. 90, 000 right away and said it would be converted into a 24-month installment payment plan of Rs. 3750 per month (Rs. 90000 / 24).

But the entire credit limit of Rs. 80,000 was taken out of my account. Mr. Ismail promised to return the remaining balance of Rs. [protected] to my account in a day when I asked.

However, the money has still not been reimbursed. When I spoke with Mr. Ismail, he advised me to get in touch with ICICI customer service, who informed me that an extra Rs. 20,000 would be added for a 24-month EMI.

I requested that the Branddon team make an EMI option and release my balance amount without interest because I am unable to pay the Rs. 80,000 credit limit in one payment.

However, none of them are expressing worry.

My call to Mr. Ismail is not going through, and when I reach out to speak with the Manager, no one picks up to address my issue.

Despite numerous phone calls, the issue has not yet been fixed.
We had the above conversation over the phone with Ms. Prajakta and Ms. Pragathi. Would you kindly take the necessary steps to convert to a 24-month EMI?

or Terminate my membership and refund the entire amount ($1,05, 000) that was paid.

Total paid was Rs. 1,05, 000, of which Rs. 90, 000 was made using my credit card and Rs. 15, 000 using my UPI ID.

Worried Overall, I would appreciate it if you could take immediate action to resolve this matter as my credit repayment is due on March 5th, and I don’t have any other means of payment.

I’ve been attempting to get in touch for the past two years, but no one is answering emails and the numbers are inactive.

Please assist me in recovering my hard-earned money.


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