capitalaim – cheet,fraud,

Reaptedly phones done by CAPITAL-AIMS representative MR. AKASH SHARMA with reference of senior analyst of related company.ha gave me call before member ship.which achived given target then i impressed and he also saying if u make my member then company promote my status .I also request and known my status then I deposited his charges in 2 part in the name of M/S CAPITAL AIM ADVISORY CO. PVT LTD INDORE 5000/ IN ICICI BANK MALWA BRANCH INDORE AND IN AXIS BANK BRANCH @8000/ AFTER MEMBER SHIP FEE PAIN MR .AKASH SHARMA gave me some calls which all were failed then MR. AKASH NOT ATTEND MY CALLS and LOSS @135480/ FROM 1SEPT TO 27 SEPT
I requesrt through this complain please recover my loss

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