[email protected] – my refunding money Rs 17000 as there is on job vacancy in easy vacancy and no job promise totally fraud don’t try this fraud company

Hi I am Khageswar Jena registered in careers@easyvacancy which is situated in Delhi, Noida this job portal by Rs 2500 as they promised to arrange an interview and when I paid it on Nov.21st then they told to submit scanned copy of document and pay Rs 8000 for verification for documents and for telephonic interview and face to face interview and told me all the money are refundable if You not satisfactory in the service then on next day they arranged a fake telephonic interview and told you are selected and when I asked them without face to face interview how I selected they told there are no necessary of face to face interview you are selected as your profile view is good and they promised to give offer leter so that u pay another Rs6000 when i paid. They not responsing my call and told me we are busy call back latter and when I told to refund my money they told we are prepairing for refunding the money and wait a month.pl help me to get my refunding money Rs 17000
[email protected] totally fraud having totally fraud people like Mohit and Chetan……totally lier,chitter,fraud They ate my Rs17000 please help me my money back my mobile no. 9438437365

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