CD Equisearch – Fraud Company dont associate with them

My name is Prashant Dhawan live in Indirapuram Ghaziabad which comes under NCR, some day before CD equisearch sales people have contacted me take a subbrokership and offered me the very low rates and they asked me to give Rs 30, 000 as a deposite I have told them clearely that I will work offline they assured me that they have the complete offline setup I was doubting at that time for services they told me if you dont find the services up to the mark you can withdraw whole the money any tim. Then have started doing trading after doing trades they communicated that they will deduct the brokerage form that Rs 30000 deposite. I said ok, but now they have stopped giving services from delhi and asking me to deal from Mumbai which is not covenient for me and as per our deal I am asking to cancel my AP but company officials are denieing to do that and they are not giving my money back as per my knowledge and SEBI guideline company can not for feit my money. I am very depressed due to this fraudent doing by CD Equisearch they people are cheating with clients as well as their Business associates, kindly look into this and as through this Email I want to inform the SEBI about the unhealthy practices done by CD Equisearch. I am also sending a copy to copy to commisnor of Police Delhi,

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